15 Seconds to More Customer Interaction for Businesses

15 Seconds to More Customer Interaction for Businesses

15 seconds to more customer interaction for businesses; sounds great doesn’t it? Who does not want more business? Can you really do things in your business that will bring more customers to you. The answer is yes.

We produced this 15 second instagram video  Click here (which is the maximum length for that platform) as a short review of a new product we use for filming. We generally produce a longer one for Youtube Click here to view or what ever platform we are posting it to, and a shorter one for instagram.

We have a big project coming up in Education, as well as all of the weddings we shoot, so try to combine our work (both filming and photography) with reviews / information about the products we use  – The Edelkrone Slider Plus (only the film makers will be interested in that part)!

Obviously quality images are important to all your content, but so are moving images – video.

Increasing your user interaction

All studies show that video content interaction increases annually, and continues to grow to dominate the market on the most successful way to engage your customers.

We even use it more in our day-to-day interaction, which is a testament to this. How often you do pull your phone out to film something on your daily travels? Send it to your friends? Post it on social media?

How well are video social media platforms such as snapchat and periscope doing?

Have you thought about how much you use video in your business? Do you use video in your business? When do you choose to use your phone compared to professional video? If you already use video, how do your videos look? Do they convey the message in the ways you wish to?

Press Photography Media Buyers

We shoot a wide range of Press Photography for national press :

See some of our press coverage on the following links:

Our images have been published in National and International Press including the Guardian, Independent Newspapers and Magazines such New Magazine. We have shot celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Jay Z, and Michelle Obama. Covering a range of events such as Film Premieres, Official Visits and Music concerts.

If you have a news story that you need a press photographer for, contact us for a quote on coverage.

In Lensi Photography, we believe in professional photography, as we are professional photographer ourselves.

We know how important these photographs are if we want our work to be covered and displayed in various photography magazines, so that our images talk louder than words.