Lookbook and Fashion Photography

Lookbook and Fashion Photography


Lookbook Photography. We always shoot at London Fashion Week, we have been London Fashion Week Photographers for many years now, and this we added a new designer to our Fashion Portfolio, shooting the lookbook, catwalk and an editorial for the delightful Kolchagov Barba, the Italian and Roma Fashion House.


We shot for this designers of this fashion house at the Melia White House in London as part of London Fashion Week, for their Spring Summer 17 collection.


Models were supplied by , hair by , make up by


The designers behind Kolchagov Barba, Emilio and Svet are the nicest easiest going guys you can come across, not to mention talented.


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KolchaGov Barba present their SS17 collection at London Fashion Week
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The fashion from their collection has already been spotted on celebrities such as Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Katherine Jenkins, Dannii Minogue, Kimberly Walsh, Katie Price, Caprice and Katie Piper.


All lookbooks are different. This one was simple and elegant. Plain backgrounds, simple poses, simple lighting with artwork that complemented this seasons designs which were in hues of pink and blue. Models Valentia and Saanka.

lookbook, fashion, kolchagov barba, london fashion week, photographer, cookbook photography, ss17, model

lookbook, fashion, kolchagov barba, london fashion week, photographer, cookbook photography, ss17, model








As well as the lookbook photography we also did the house photography for the catwalk, some of the large collection is shown here.

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KolchaGov Barba SS17 collection London Fashion Week, catwalk, lookbook








A celebrity infused front row which included, Katie Piper, Caprice, Lady C, Lizzy Cundy and Gemma Oaten to name some.

Front Row Fashion Catwalk, London Fashion Week, Lookbook Photography, Lookbook Photographer, Catwalk Photographer

Lady C at Kolchagov Barba front row at London Fashion Week








If you are looking for a photographer to shoot your lookbook, catwalk or editorial for your latest fashion collection, contact us for a quote.



15 Seconds to More Customer Interaction for Businesses

15 Seconds to More Customer Interaction for Businesses

15 seconds to more customer interaction for businesses; sounds great doesn’t it? Who does not want more business? Can you really do things in your business that will bring more customers to you. The answer is yes.

We produced this 15 second instagram video  Click here (which is the maximum length for that platform) as a short review of a new product we use for filming. We generally produce a longer one for Youtube Click here to view or what ever platform we are posting it to, and a shorter one for instagram.

We have a big project coming up in Education, as well as all of the weddings we shoot, so try to combine our work (both filming and photography) with reviews / information about the products we use  – The Edelkrone Slider Plus (only the film makers will be interested in that part)!

Obviously quality images are important to all your content, but so are moving images – video.

Increasing your user interaction

All studies show that video content interaction increases annually, and continues to grow to dominate the market on the most successful way to engage your customers.

We even use it more in our day-to-day interaction, which is a testament to this. How often you do pull your phone out to film something on your daily travels? Send it to your friends? Post it on social media?

How well are video social media platforms such as snapchat and periscope doing?

Have you thought about how much you use video in your business? Do you use video in your business? When do you choose to use your phone compared to professional video? If you already use video, how do your videos look? Do they convey the message in the ways you wish to?

Shooting Wildlife – Gorilla’s in the Mist

Shooting Wildlife

Gorillas in the Mist

I remember seeing Gorilla’s in the Mist in the 1980’s, I actually half did not believe that it was possible to see humans so close to wild Gorillas and them live to tell the tale. It was amazing to imagine a person being able to do this. The film tells the story of Dian Fossey zoologist and anthrapologist who dedicated her life to studying the mountain gorillas of Rwanda, Africa.


However, on a wedding commission to Kigali in Rwanda, we got to experience this for ourselves first hand.


The National Conservation Trust runs Gorilla treks to see actual wild Gorilla families, this is actually the same place that the film was made, and where Dian Fossey on who the film was based, devoted her life to the study of primates.



First you must obtain a license authorising you to do so. There are a limited number of license available each day, so this needs to be planned well in advance. The licenses do not come cheap, although there is a local price for Rwandans.


The day starts very early, 7am meet, where you will meet with other ‘hopefuls’, we have to use this words because not everyone is capable of completing their mission!



After a briefing, and introduction to the small group (8 people) that you will be trekking with, do’s and dont’s, you start your trek up a step mountain towards the heavy forested area where they live. This is not an easy feat… even relatively fit people will find themselves stopping for water or a rest, and this trek can continue for any length of time from an hour onwards, depending on how far your family of Gorillas are on that day.

Some of us found ourselves ready to give up, with legs no longer to lift to climb the steep mountain, and as the air gets thinner, an inability to get enough oxygen into your lungs.



When we finally reach the edge of their habitat, again briefings were reiterated, and suddenly you are filled with such excitement and anticipation that the adrenalin takes away all of the fatigue! We trekked for a further 30 minutes to find out small family, the TITUS family, we came across an adult female, Silverback male, and infant Gorilla.

It is difficult to describe the feeling, you are in the presence of real Gorilla’s!! You are humbled into submission at the greatness of these animals sitting only feet away from you.

Contrary to their depiction in many films, they seem placid, happy to just sit and eat, with the exception of the infant who runs around playing, even curiously touching the leg of one of us. As long as you do not impinge on them, and show them the respect they command in their own environment, they allow the temporary trespass of these strangers on their territory.

We follow them around for a while, in true jungle environments, the guides using machetes to cut trees and branches and other foliage to clear some sort of path for us, each new member of the family that we come across is as exciting as the last.

It is a true once in a lifetime experience.



I would have loved to bring every lens I had and could possibly use, however, practicalities. The trek is gruelling, if I could have done without carrying water I would have, just for the additional loss of weight. I carried one camera body and two lenses, and in the end, I wish I had carried just the one! A great range telephoto zoom is all you need. I carried one of the less expensive bodies for fear of a Gorilla taking my camera and me not being able to do anything about it!



Commercial Business Photography in Walsall – Construction Hoardings

Commercial Business Photography in Walsall – Construction Hoardings

Commercial Business Photography in Walsall by Lensi Photography.

We worked with Walsall Housing Group on a Project to provide commercial business photography in Walsall for hoardings that were about to grace one of their local areas that were having new housing constructed.

We are all used to seeing the plain white hoardings, aren’t they a little boring? So we decided to bring a little interest to the boards that will protect the buildings site in the Goscote Area Regeneration, with Commercial Business Photography in Walsall by photographing local residents whose images would feature on each boards.

Photographs of local people!?? Yes!

Photographs of people who are well known in the area, people who great achievements, people who work in the area. We came up with something like this ….

Untitled-1 resize

Something bright vibrant and relevant to the area. Photographs of local people that everyone would recognise and be able to relate to.

If you are a building company, or construction company that are working on a construction site that you would like to brighten up with photography that local people can relate to, why not contact us for a quote.

We also provide Commercial Business Photography in Walsall and beyond for all aspects of your marketing, press and advertising.


If you are looking for a Commercial Business Photographer in Walsall for any photography needs for your business, contact us for a quote.

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Fashion Photography – London Mens Collections SS15



Fashion Photography – London Mens Collections SS15

This was our first time covering London Mens Collections for an Agency.

First thoughts, much smaller than fashion week. This (as in fashion) has to be one of the few exceptions worldwide that we can think of where the female version is bigger with a higher profile (we are thinking of football as one example).

For Fashion Photography London Mens collections however had all the usual markings of fashion week, weird and wonderful and ahead of time street style, catwalks in different venues with photographers having a good workout during all the days (lugging a Peli case and equipment to and from various venues, stairs and all) enchanced accreditation for the higher profile designers (Moschino, Burberry, Hackett and the like) and photographers packed into a tiny press pit, which makes you want to warn all up and coming photographers, if you have an issue with personal space, do not think of press or fashion photography.

The space situation often sees us straddling or being straddled by complete strangers in a bit to get the best space.

Also there are the procedures of mark ups, where photographers get to set their positions beforehand days before the event, it seems as though not all photographers get this, if this is the case they have to find and make spaces when the event arrives around all the photographers that have their pre marked positions.

As for the fashion, our favourite show was the clean lines of Oliver Spencer, coupled with their introduction of Brazillian Carnival dancers and drums into the show.

If you would like to commission us to photograph your catwalk, lookbook or model portfolio contact us for details

Colorblind Cards, Lensi Photography 2013 collection

The New range of Colorblind Cards photographed by Lensi Photography was launched at the NEC today. Images from the new range are featured as canvasses, and are available online as well as from the Spring show. The range provides quality greetings cards representing people of all colours, including families of mixed heritage.

Images show visitors to the show browsing the products, and the stand at the NEC, Director of Colorblind and Director and Photographer of Lensi Photography. As well as greetings cards, these images are also featured as include fridge magnets, mugs, calendars and wrapping paper. The stand can be found in Hall 4, Row H, stall 26 (4H26).

There is also a community trader scheme available for individuals, businesses and groups to trade in these products; but of course you can simply just buy them for yourself, family and friends from .

Lensi Photography provides quality photography for all your commercial projects.

All the photography is done by our professional photographers who are they are to cover all the moments in their cameras while you are busy covering business process, which plays a crucial role for any and every business, then either it is product launching, event organisation or conferencing. We are always there for you.

Commercial Photography – Colorblind Greetings Cards

Commercial Photography – Colorblind Greetings Cards

We ended our year with a great commercial photography for Colorblind Cards for their new card range, with owner and award winning entrepreneur Jessica Huie.

The new range will also feature images from three little sisters that are just too cute.

A father and son pose that rivals the 1987 Athena ‘Man and Baby’ Classic The Mail described this as” the perfect New man, a handsome hunk and caring father rolled into one”.

Among many others. We also have created great images through our commercial photography for Colorblind Cards of mothers and sons/daughters, fathers and daughters and the most fabulous 50, 60 and 70 year olds.

Greetings cards with our images will are available online and in the shops.

If you are looking for a photographer for a commercial shoot such as this, we are your company!

Other commercial photography services provided by us are: business headshots and business portraits.

Though we are a Walsall based photographers, but we provide our services everywhere, like UK event photography, Corporate Events Photography in Birmingham, Indian Wedding Photography in Birmingham, Funeral Photography, Child Portraits in Walsall and you name the place and we will be there.

In Walsall we have also done studio portraits, also we have have covered Wristband event Company in Walsall as well as in Sandwell.

We provide female photographer to cover muslim wedding if needed, as well as for Sikh Wedding ceremony. We cover complete Indian Wedding Photography with the package including all the other small ceremonies which are part of indian wedding ceremony.