Funeral Photography in Birmingham

Funeral Photography in Birmingham

Funeral photography in Birmingham (and other places) can seem like a strange life event to document, but in many communities, it is seen as a celebration of life as well as mourning a passing, therefore Funeral Photography is totally normal and acceptable part of planning a funeral. So once the funeral flowers and funeral songs have been chosen, many people then think about their funeral photography.

If you are looking for Funeral Photography in Birmingham and further afield, we can document the home going of your loved one with sincere respect and discretion.

For our funeral photography in Birmingham we will cover your event with minimal trouble to yourself, we are versed in  funeral photography in Birmingham, so only need to ask a couple of questions from you, and the rest can be left to us.

For our funeral photography in Birmingham we can cover your event starting from you gathering at or leaving your home or beginning from the church ceremony and ending at the graveside or wake.

Funeral Photography in Birmingham and beyond is more important than some people see at the time, it can be a day that goes by in a whirlwind, without you being able to remember what happened; documenting this event is important for many people for this purpose.

Some families also find it comforting to be able to gather and look back on the images of the day, it brings comfort to see how well the send off of their loved one went, the people who turned up to pay their respects and the emotions of love on the day.


Funeral photography in Birmingham is done is a very none intrusive respectful manner. Our funeral photography in Birmingham starts from £250, contact us to discuss a commission for funeral photography in Birmingham and beyond.

Below are a few images from a Funeral in Birmingham as an example of our work, including an on site event studio which was also booked by this family. For this family this was a key event in which they would all be together, they wished to use the as an opportunity to get family portraits with family members that lived across different areas of the world.

If you would like to commission us for Funeral Photography in Birmingham contact us to discuss your requirements.


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Funeral Photography

Funeral Photography

Once you lose a loved one, after you have organised the funeral director, the wake, the words and everything else, how do you look back on this precious day? You may be thinking funeral photography is the last thing you are thinking of!! Many communities such as Caribbean ones see a passing of a relative as celebration of life, rather than a mourning of a death, and when the tears are over, it can be a memory to look back on and remember as any other.

At Lensi Photography we can offer sensitive funeral photography for these occasions; poignant images that can be passed onto future generations to remember the last journey of a loved one, as well as family members here or abroad that were not able to attend the day.


Funeral Photography can start from the home is desired, then cover the religious ceremony then move onto the internment. Often you have so many things to think of and a myriad of emotions to cope with that the day often ends in a blur. This is where funeral photography can fill a gap for you.

We can also offer video services with the service being streamed to other parts of the world. This is particularly useful if you have family members in different parts of the world that cannot attend the funeral.