The New Wedding Trend – The Wedding Magazine

The Bespoke personalised wedding magazine …Let us introduce you to the new wedding trend.

Why a Personalised Wedding Magazine?

Brides (and grooms) are always looking for something different for their wedding.

With quarter of a million weddings taking place in the United Kingdom every year, that may take some going …

But let us help you along the way by introducing your to …The Wedding Magazine.

The Wedding Magazine is a personalised bespoke wedding magazine … all about you!

Similar to the magazines most couples will have no doubt read leading up to their wedding, such as Brides or You and Your Wedding. This is a magazine produced all about your wedding story! To reiterate … a bespoke personalised wedding magazine.

It can be used as a keepsake for guests, or as a precious gift for friends and family that could not attend.  It will be a lifelong momento everyone will cherish.

Have you ever attended weddings and the keepsakes are playthings for the children within minutes of everyone entering the reception? Have you ever thought “poor couple, these things have gone to waste” … this will not happen with the wedding magazine. Your bespoke personalised wedding magazine will take pride of place on grandmas coffee table or your best friends work desk.

What would you include in your personalised wedding magazine?

personalised wedding magazine

bespoke luxury wedding magazine

Imagine being the cover of your very own personalised bespoke magazine that will record your whole journey leading up to the wedding – the dress trials, the hen or stag do, the possible venues, the wedding day, the people that attended, the behind the scene moments… and even afterwards if you wish!

Before you ask … it is not a wedding album. It can be an addition or an alternative. Watch the video to learn some more.  The Wedding Magazine animated video.

It is also a way of ensuring your loved ones all have some images from your day, without having to purchase a whole album for them, and lets face it, we are getting sick of having everything digitally. Computers break, phones break, people do not back them up, and before you know it, images are lost forever. With a physical magazine, just like a physical photo, you can have this for years and it still be in tack.

How to get in contact

If you wish to add something different to your wedding day, contact The Wedding Magazine to discuss your personalised bespoke wedding magazine TODAY!