Rowton Castle Wedding Photographer

Rowton Castle Wedding Photographer

If you are having your wedding at the beautiful Rowton Castle and are looking for a Rowton Castle Wedding Photographer, we are able to offer luxury wedding photography, worthy of your venue.


Rowton Castle Wedding venue located in the heart of the Shropshire countryside, in Shrewsbury, Rowton Castle is among the most romantic and magical castle venues in the UK to celebrate getting married. Set near to Birmingham in Shropshire, this historical castle, also one of the West Midlands’ most exclusive wedding venues, along with its stunning landscapes and English gardens is perfect for summer outdoor weddings as well as white winter weddings, and is sure to mesmerise you, your loved one and your guests. With 17 acres of tranquil grounds, beautifully appointed hotel bedrooms, this 17th Century Grade II* Listed Castle makes for the most perfect occasion.


With that said Aishi and Faez were able to not only hold their beautiful wedding here on a sunny late summers day, but also have all guests stay in the hotel for the weekend. An all female photography team was requested. Lensi Photography were able to provide a full female team for this Rowton Castle Wedding.

We offered a very different style of photography as a Rowton Castle Wedding Photographer that they had already seen from other vendors, which is why they booked us, without a full consultation.

Their review can be seen here on our Free Index Profile.

Having photographed weddings all over the world. We would love the opportunity to photograph your wedding at Rowton Castle.

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Rowton Castle Wedding Photography

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Jago / Jaago Ceremony Photography – Sikh Punjabi Wedding Tradition

As a Female Wedding Photographer in Birmingham, who also covers Asian Weddings, even though I am not Asian, I often have anxious photographer colleagues who are covering their first Asian Wedding approach me for advice and information; knowing that as I too shoot Weddings from Culture’s and Religion’s different to my own, I would have at some point been in the same position.

After having to have done this a few times, it made sense to write a few blog posts on aspects of Asian Wedding and Asian Wedding Photography.

Jago / Jaago Ceremony Photography – Sikh Punjabi Wedding Tradition

This is a ceremony that happens before the main wedding, often part of a pre wedding party. Often held in a hall, but lower key than the main wedding.


Jaago means “wake up”. Before the days of Wedding Invites and Interactive Wedding Invites relative of the Bride and Groom used to go around their village the night before the wedding days carrying candle lit pots  – before the days of electricity on their heads singing songs as a way of telling everyone that a wedding would be taking place the following day and as an open invitation to attend.

The traditional folk song is “jaago”, so they would encourage people to wake-up and join in the festivities.

The modern day conversation of this will see the family gather at a venue before the wedding, for a pre wedding party. At some point during the evening the main family members will disappear to another room and re enter the main room carrying Jaagos (pots with decorated lights) and Jaago sticks (decorated sticks) , which will be passed from person to person, who will carry them for a little while.


Traditional songs will be sung …and then …its time to PARTY! During the Jago / Jaago – Sikh Punjabi Wedding Tradition people will also share a meal, but then hit the dance floor (and also bar) hard. It is a reason to celebrate and people will do. As a Wedding Photographer, photographing a pre-wedding party, you will be expected to capture

  • Guest entering and being greeted by the family
  • Group shots of as many people at the event as possible
  • Roaming shots of what is going on
  • Venue Shots
  • The procession coming into the main room for the Jago, close ups of the pots and sticks
  • Shots of each person that has the Jago on their head
  • Shots of all the close family members (siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents)
  • Then Party Shots, stopping people on the dance floor periodically to get a shot of them posing for the camera.

Photographing a Wedding or Pre Wedding Party or event such as a Jago / Jaago from Cultures and Religions different to what you are familiar with does not need to be daunting, its simply about the familiarity. There are no restrictions on photography, after having done a few you will look back and wonder what al the anxiety was about!


If you are looking for a Wedding Photographer in Birmingham to cover your Wedding or Pre Wedding Party such as your Mendhi, Maiyan or Jago, contact us for a quote




Female Photographer in Birmingham – The Bride

Female Wedding Photographer in Birmingham

If you are looking for a female photographer in Birmingham, for coverage of your bridal preps were you may feel more comfortable with a female in the room, or for an Asian Wedding, Lensi Photography can offer this.


As a female photographer in Birmingham, I often get asked to cover the bride getting ready for weddings where two photographers are booked. On the day of the wedding it often happens that the bride and bridesmaids are running around in states of half dress, so having a female photographer makes everything so much easier. We are able to still move around and capture candid images, not be consigned to being outside the room until everything is ready!

It works particularly well if the bride is a little conscious or for some weddings (such as Muslim Weddings) where there is a religious aspect to no men being present during particular ceremonies.


This beautiful Wedding of Arfan and Ibti took place in the surroundings of The Belfry Hotel and Resort world-class luxury with iconic greens and sumptuous bedrooms, surrounded by over 500 acres of countryside.

As a local female photographer in Birmingham I can therefore fulfil requirements to make the ceremony halal (covered by females only) if this is important to you.


If you are looking for a female wedding photographer in Birmingham Wedding Photography by Lensi contact s for quote