Mission to Mexico – Teaching Photography

Teaching Photography


On the charity commission ‘Mission to Mexico’ with Ywam and M10, Lensi Photography delivered a photography project to women and children in the organisations we worked with. This included women and children living in a rehabilitation centre in Ensenada, the equivalent of a women refuge but women with various needs.

In the process of teaching photography, women and children were taught how to frame images, how to look for interest and beauty in their surroundings, how to understand the basic functions of a camera.

The equipment needed to teach photography on this project was raised entirely by Lensi Photography for the 6 months before the commission was due to take place. Generous individuals and businesses contributed in order for us to not only teach photography but also to bring donations of clothes and gifts to the people we worked with.


Teaching photography also involves, next steps which for us are either displaying your work or making money from your work. So as part of the workshops we also set up and exhibition of the women and young peoples work that they could display around the centre, a lovely welcome for guests that visited, and a reminder of their hard work.

Lensi teaches photography in variety of formats ranging from classes in schools, community groups, 121 lessons, mentoring and colleges.


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