Baby Bump Portrait

Baby Bump Portraits

Whether you call it a baby bump portrait or maternity shoot.

Have your Baby Bump Portrait photographed with the comfort of a female photographer; also in the comfort of your own home!

Our clients have commented how much more comfortable it has felt with someone of the same gender who has also been pregnant themselves!

There was a time when this seemed as though it was something to be kept out of site for everyone but your nearest and dearest, but it is now regarded as the art that it is. Photography is always about freezing time and preserving memories, whether it is your first last or in-between pregnancy, it is an important moment in your life cycle. Why not have it immortalised with images?

As we offer shoots in the comfort of your own home, no need to worry about not feeling relaxed or being in a strange environment, we come to you, this ensures the most relaxed shoot possible.

Having your baby bump portrait session in your own home also means that should you forget that one crucial prop, that top you wanted to wear, that necklace you forget to pick up… it is always at hand! It is also easy to include your partner or other children should you want to, without having to ferry them all to a studio!

If you are interested in speaking to us about a maternity or baby bump portrait shoot, please get in contact. I also always try to give expecting mothers tips like where to get the best diaper bags. I suggest checking out this website