Commercial Business Photography in Walsall – Construction Hoardings

Commercial Business Photography in Walsall – Construction Hoardings

Commercial Business Photography in Walsall by Lensi Photography.

We worked with Walsall Housing Group on a Project to provide commercial business photography in Walsall for hoardings that were about to grace one of their local areas that were having new housing constructed.

We are all used to seeing the plain white hoardings, aren’t they a little boring? So we decided to bring a little interest to the boards that will protect the buildings site in the Goscote Area Regeneration, with Commercial Business Photography in Walsall by photographing local residents whose images would feature on each boards.

Photographs of local people!?? Yes!

Photographs of people who are well known in the area, people who great achievements, people who work in the area. We came up with something like this ….

Untitled-1 resize

Something bright vibrant and relevant to the area. Photographs of local people that everyone would recognise and be able to relate to.

If you are a building company, or construction company that are working on a construction site that you would like to brighten up with photography that local people can relate to, why not contact us for a quote.

We also provide Commercial Business Photography in Walsall and beyond for all aspects of your marketing, press and advertising.


If you are looking for a Commercial Business Photographer in Walsall for any photography needs for your business, contact us for a quote.

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Fashion Photography – London Mens Collections SS15



Fashion Photography – London Mens Collections SS15

This was our first time covering London Mens Collections for an Agency.

First thoughts, much smaller than fashion week. This (as in fashion) has to be one of the few exceptions worldwide that we can think of where the female version is bigger with a higher profile (we are thinking of football as one example).

For Fashion Photography London Mens collections however had all the usual markings of fashion week, weird and wonderful and ahead of time street style, catwalks in different venues with photographers having a good workout during all the days (lugging a Peli case and equipment to and from various venues, stairs and all) enchanced accreditation for the higher profile designers (Moschino, Burberry, Hackett and the like) and photographers packed into a tiny press pit, which makes you want to warn all up and coming photographers, if you have an issue with personal space, do not think of press or fashion photography.

The space situation often sees us straddling or being straddled by complete strangers in a bit to get the best space.

Also there are the procedures of mark ups, where photographers get to set their positions beforehand days before the event, it seems as though not all photographers get this, if this is the case they have to find and make spaces when the event arrives around all the photographers that have their pre marked positions.

As for the fashion, our favourite show was the clean lines of Oliver Spencer, coupled with their introduction of Brazillian Carnival dancers and drums into the show.

If you would like to commission us to photograph your catwalk, lookbook or model portfolio contact us for details

Female Photographer – Event Photography Birmingham

Female Photographer

Event Photography Birmingham



Looking for a Female Event Fhotographer in Birmingham?

When International Womens Week approaches, women in many quarters put on events to celebrate women, to encourage women and to pamper women. When this happens they / you may need a female photographer for your event photography in Birmingham or further afield.  The Mount Zion Community Church did just that.

A night of food, entertainment, pampering, make overs, education and gifts for local women in the community and women that attend various support organisations also in the local community. The women that attend this event are then pampered by members of the church with make overs, photography, donations, a full three course meal, prizes and much more!

At Lensi Photography we cover all types of events, and can provide event photography in Birmingham fully covered by females for both photography and cinematography.


This is not only useful for a variety of female only events, events run in women refuges, events run for vulnerable women, training for female only groups, Muslim events that need to be Halal with only women present.

At Lensi Photography we cover all type of Religious Festivals and Events either it is Jewish Festival, Christian Festival or Hindu Festival celebration. You name it and we cover it for you, so that you can enjoy every single moment whole-heartedly, and we cover every moment you cherish later.

If you are looking for a female photographer to cover your event  in Birmingham please get in contact.


Project Red – MC1r

Project Red MC1r

The BBC contacted me to be part of a radio debate panel about ‘gingerism’ / prejudice against people with red hair. I was on the side of the panel arguing it is a real prejudice that people do experience. The other panel member arguing that people should take comments and negative experiences with a pinch of salt, sadly did not turn up, so it could not go ahead, but this got me thinking about this once again.

They contacted me not because of my own red locks, but because of a project I started a few years ago. A final major project and exhibition when studying, which I did incidentally, get a distinction for 🙂

This documentary portrait project aimed to show the beauty and diversity of redheads, and share some of their experiences (both positive and negative) of having red hair. Many people have asked me ‘why’ not having red hair myself, I answer ‘why not!!?’ I think red hair is beautiful, and having been told about negative experiences by some, I wanted to find out more about all these experiences and bring them to others.

They were asked to share their best and worst experiences of having red hair.

These are just some of the portraits I produced from the project, and do they not simply show great beauty?

The project received a lot of interest with me being interviewed by the BBC on three occasions about it, as well as pieces in the local newspaper, art magazines and three exhibitions.

It is a project I hope to continue / revisit at some point, if there is enough interest and another angle I can approach this from.

I am shortly about to embark upon another documentary portrait project exploring beauty….we will see what images this project produces.


Baby Bump Portrait

Baby Bump Portraits

Whether you call it a baby bump portrait or maternity shoot.

Have your Baby Bump Portrait photographed with the comfort of a female photographer; also in the comfort of your own home!

Our clients have commented how much more comfortable it has felt with someone of the same gender who has also been pregnant themselves!

There was a time when this seemed as though it was something to be kept out of site for everyone but your nearest and dearest, but it is now regarded as the art that it is. Photography is always about freezing time and preserving memories, whether it is your first last or in-between pregnancy, it is an important moment in your life cycle. Why not have it immortalised with images?

As we offer shoots in the comfort of your own home, no need to worry about not feeling relaxed or being in a strange environment, we come to you, this ensures the most relaxed shoot possible.

Having your baby bump portrait session in your own home also means that should you forget that one crucial prop, that top you wanted to wear, that necklace you forget to pick up… it is always at hand! It is also easy to include your partner or other children should you want to, without having to ferry them all to a studio!

If you are interested in speaking to us about a maternity or baby bump portrait shoot, please get in contact. I also always try to give expecting mothers tips like where to get the best diaper bags. I suggest checking out this website