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Project Red MC1r

The BBC contacted me to be part of a radio debate panel about ‘gingerism’ / prejudice against people with red hair. I was on the side of the panel arguing it is a real prejudice that people do experience. The other panel member arguing that people should take comments and negative experiences with a pinch of salt, sadly did not turn up, so it could not go ahead, but this got me thinking about this once again.

They contacted me not because of my own red locks, but because of a project I started a few years ago. A final major project and exhibition when studying, which I did incidentally, get a distinction for 🙂

This documentary portrait project aimed to show the beauty and diversity of redheads, and share some of their experiences (both positive and negative) of having red hair. Many people have asked me ‘why’ not having red hair myself, I answer ‘why not!!?’ I think red hair is beautiful, and having been told about negative experiences by some, I wanted to find out more about all these experiences and bring them to others.

They were asked to share their best and worst experiences of having red hair.

These are just some of the portraits I produced from the project, and do they not simply show great beauty?

The project received a lot of interest with me being interviewed by the BBC on three occasions about it, as well as pieces in the local newspaper, art magazines and three exhibitions.

It is a project I hope to continue / revisit at some point, if there is enough interest and another angle I can approach this from.

I am shortly about to embark upon another documentary portrait project exploring beauty….we will see what images this project produces.


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