On Site Studio

PhotoBooth or Event Studio’s

PhotoBooth or Event Studio’s

Whether you call it a Photobooth or Event Studios, what we are talking about are portable photography studios that are set up at your event, that provide instant prints for your guests to be able to immediately have printed, ready to take home on the same day.

These are suitable for all kinds of events, from Weddings to Charity Events, Birthday Parties Proms and more. These are a few photos from a photography PhotoBooth or Event Studio’s (as we prefer to call these) from a Sikh / Indian Wedding held at Bolts Country Club in Nottingham.

It is always a great opportunity to get images taken with family members that would otherwise be really difficult to coordinate everyone being in the same place at the same time.












Event Photography in Wolverhampton – Event Studios – Sandra’s Hollywood 50th

Event Photography in Wolverhampton

Lensi photographed Sandra’s Hollywood themed 50th party, a special milestone celebration complete with a paparazzi red carpet entrance and on site event photography studio studio with instant prints.


Our Photography Event Studios with instant prints offer a portable studio that is set up at your venue where guests can purchase photographs that are printed instantly for you to purchase. Some people call them photo booths, but they are a little different. Photo booths general photograph heads and shoulders of a few guests, however many can fit in the booth!

Photography Event Studios provide studio quality photography portraits, on site at your event. The type of portraits that people may attend photography studios for, but without the stress of trying to get everyone alone to studio shoot.

Guests were not expecting the type of family portraits we gave them. We photograph fun, we create photographs filled with fun, we like to make people laugh, we like to create photographs that people look back on and smile or laugh to.

Although this was photography for an event in Wolverhampton, we cover events all over the UK.

Everyone was happy with the service we provided, and birthday lady overjoyed with her special celebration and the photographs she had a memory from our on site event studio.

If you require event photography in Wolverhampton or further afield whether that be for a birthday celebration, anniversary, charity ball, awards ceremony or any other event coming up that you would like us to provide and on site event studio for with instant prints or roaming photography, contact us for a quote.

Another Satisfied Customer

While up late finishing a job for another client this email just came through, its always lovely to have this type of feedback from your customers for a job well done!

The booking was for a 50th Surprise Birthday Party. The wife of the gentleman whose party it was managed to keep it all hush hush and pull off a great surprise! I received this feed back party one of the party coordinators.

Lensi provided roaming photography and an on site studio with a pre pay package, to capture as much of this this event as possible.

Here are some of my favourite images from the night, from the roaming photography.

And from the on site studio / photo booth

Another great client that chose to invest in their memories! Thanks for the feedback, it was a pleasure, dinner and cake was a lovely bonus!

We are not just providing wedding photography services, we try to cover all the very important moments of your life, so that you can cherish them as and when you want.

We recently covered this 50th birthday party celebration, as we know you have to be present there to enjoy it, not busy capturing those moments behind the camera, and we will do it for you. Are you planning a surprise party for someone, and wants us to cover that moment for you, contact us today.

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