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Event Photography – Mary J Blige UK Tour – Photographing Music Concerts

Event Photography covers many different genres.


As an event photographer in Birmingham I photograph a number of different types of events.


From corporate events, to private events, to music events, to concerts and more.


Each of the skills used in one event photography commission can be transferred to another.


I was honoured to be able to photograph a lifelong idol last night. As a photographer being able to photograph celebrities, especially those you have loved since as long as you can remember is always a perk of the job.

So with camera’s in hand I travelled to Manchester for the opening night of her UK tour. Mary J Blige is loved by many, and her audience was a cross section of people from a wide range of age groups.

We were not shooting from the pit this time (which was a shame) but from an aisle. As a Music / Concert Photographer you will be told where you can shoot each gig from. I had my standard 70-200mm lens and 24-70mm lens in the bag, but wish I had also bought something longer.

Event Photography Photographing Live Music Concerts

Event Photography Photographing Live Music Concerts

Best Practice for concert photography will have you prepared to be shooting from very close to the stage (so needing something very wide such as a 16-35mm to get the whole stage in) to something up to 500mm depending on how far or near from the stage you are.

A popular misconception is that we are always in front of the stage – not true! Ridiculously sometimes we are at the back of the arena, or at the mixing deck half way back from the stage.

We got to shoot two songs for Mary J Blige, commonly artists permit three, sometimes as little as one!

Photographing Concerts can also be classed as Event Photography as all the same skills of working quickly, making changing to your settings and position quickly are needed to capture what you need in this limited amount of time.

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Lensi Photography specialise in live music and concert photography in Birmingham and beyond.

We have photographed some of the worlds leading music artists including Mary J Blige, Snoop Dogg, Disclosure, Jay Z and Pharrell Williams.

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